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    Eddy on the rollers…found on Wednesday Legs.


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    From cyclingaustralia - Aussie @rohandennis chats with Garmin-Pro Sharp team mate David Millar ahead of today’s IRTT course recon #aussiecycling #teamaus2014 #glasgow2014 #timetrial #commonwealthgames http://ift.tt/1uIkE9B
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    From castellicycling - @rideargyle’s Jack Bauer is one of the friendliest, most approachable riders I’ve ever encountered in professional cycling - and he does fantastic wheelies to boot. It’s not just for the fans either - he does wheelies while he’s waiting around, in training, seemingly all the time. He does them because they’re fun. I like that. I like Jack. | pic: @jeredgruber http://ift.tt/1s4lGs9
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    Spotted at TRACKO!

    Originally from HERE!

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